4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux commonly referred to as RHEL is developed by Red Hat. RHEL has strict rules to restrict free re-distribution although it still provides source code for free.

Package Management
RHEL uses a different package manager than Debian, RPM package manager, which we will eventually learn about as well.

RHEL-based operating systems will differ slightly from the Debian-based operating systems, most noticeably in package management. If you decide to go with RHEL it’s probably best if you know you’ll be working with it.

As described by the name it's mostly used in enterprise, so if you need a solid server OS this would be a good one.


If you're interested in having RHEL as your operating system, head over to the installation section and give it a try: https://www.redhat.com/rhel/


What package manager does RHEL use?